Introducing your Union Officer Team Elects 2018/19


SUBU President - Ade Balogun

There were seven candidates plus No Suitable Candidate. In all 1964 votes were cast for this role.

After seven rounds of votes, (SUBU uses the Alternative Transferable Vote-ATV- system).

Ade Balogun was elected with 825 votes. View his manifesto here



Vice President Activities- Lea Ediale

There were eight candidates plus No Suitable Candidate. In all 1739 votes were cast for this role.

After eight rounds of votes, (SUBU uses the Alternative Transferable Vote-ATV- system).

Lea Ediale –Ehimanre was elected with 652 votes. Read her manifesto


Vice President Community - Abidemi Abiodun 

There were four candidates plus No Suitable Candidate. In all 1512 votes were cast for this role.

After four rounds of votes, (SUBU uses the Alternative Transferable Vote-ATV- system).

Abidemi Abiodun was elected with 745 votes. Read his manifesto here


Vice President Education - Lenrick Greaves

There were four candidates plus No Suitable Candidate. In all 1581 votes were cast for this role.

After four rounds of votes, (SUBU uses the Alternative Transferable Vote-ATV- system).

Lenrick Greaves was elected with 733 votes. Read his manifesto here


Vice President Welfare & Equal Opportunities - Brad Powell

There were five candidates plus No Suitable Candidate. In all 1634 votes were cast for this role.

After five rounds of votes, (SUBU uses the Alternative Transferable Vote-ATV- system).

Brad Powell was elected with 677 votes. Read his manifesto here




Ade Balogun Manifesto

"Having studied at BU and volunteered with SUBU, I have had the privilege to watch our union become more accessible and fun. This has not only impacted my student life but also the lives of many positively.
Working for SUBU as an Executive Committee Member, Council Officer for Lansdowne and an NUS Conference Delegate for 2018, I have gained a great experience to understand how SUBU works and what we need to take this great Union forward and that is why I am standing to be your President and a voice for every student at Bournemouth University.

My plans if elected President are:

1. Improve food quality at Dylan's and provide more food options that are cheaper and affordable for students.
2. Work with other Students' Unions to continue our campaigns on national issues like Fees and Housing.
3. Lobby for Post-Study Visa to enable International students gain work experience before they go back to their countries.
4. Work very hard to raise awareness about mental health and lobby for practical support to students with mental health problems.
5. Work with SUBU Debates to uphold free speech and also work with the other officers to support all our clubs and societies.
6. Improve the communication between the students' union and the student body so that students can be aware of all the support and service available to them.

Our Students' Union has so much potential to make life better for students from all backgrounds and I believe that as President, I will be willing to listen, support and most importantly represent you.

Please vote Ade #1 for President."

Lea Ediale-Ehimanre Manifesto

As a student who has volunteered on the SUBU Executive committee for two years, former Chair of the Activities Council, two-time conference delegate for the National Union of Students (NUS) and president of one of SUBU’s largest societies, I am confident that I will be a great Vice President Activities for SUBU.
I am running because through my involvement with SUBU by planning events and activities, I’ve had a great student experience at BU and I want every student to have this opportunity irrespective of who they are or where they’re from.

If elected VP Activities, I plan to
• Promote positive mental health among clubs and societies. Mental health is a top priority among students however there is still a stigma attached to it. I want to break down these barriers, be able to support students and create an environment where mental health is taken seriously with the correct care and support.
• Work with Sports BU to lobby for better and cheaper gym facilities at both campuses.
• Make fresher’s fair bigger and better by having better commercial brands and more discounts/ freebies at fresher’s fair and improve taster sessions for clubs and societies.
• Have the very first Lansdowne fresher’s fair to make students studying at Lansdowne feel more included. - Lobby Bournemouth University for more funding for all clubs/societies to tackle financial barriers within any club and society.
Being part of a society has changed my life and I believe I have the right attitude and passion to make a change in this role. I will engage with all students, promote the successes of every club and society and will always be there to support.

So please vote Lea #1 for VP Activities.

Lenrick Greaves Manifesto

As students, our Academic success is very paramount regardless of what we are here to do. We have paid 9k or more to come to University and it is only fair that we get value for money. Over the past year, our education has been under attack; from the government increasing fees, to Lectures providing poor assessment feedback. I have spoken to many of you who are unhappy with this and this is why I want you to elect me to be your next Vice President for Education. 

I currently work for SUBU as a Part Time Volunteer and I believe I could achieve more for students academically if you vote for me. 

My main priorities as your VP Education are: 

1. Lobby BU for a 24-hour library especially during exam period in order to make the library more accessible and also improve the learning experience for students. 
2. Continue working on the BME Attainment which is now 20% at BU; lobby BU to employ more diverse lecturers who are competent and fit for their positions. 
3. Give students the option to have lecture recordings across all the faculties. 
4. Create more academic societies to help students make new friends, gain transferable skills and become more employable. 
5. Eradicate hidden costs at BU and lobby the University to stop the advertisement of unpaid placements.  
6. Introduce mental health training for staff members to support students with mental health problems and also raise awareness to end the stigma around mental health.

Having a true University experience means having a successful academic experience. So, for effective change across BU, please VOTE Lenrick for #1 VP for Education.

Abidemi Abiodun Manifesto

The role of the VP community is a very crucial one to the student experience because whilst we are students of BU, we also automatically become part of the Bournemouth Community which is why it matters to have your say in who gets to represent you within this role. As a Volunteer on the Lansdowne council, I have understood the need to maintain inclusion, integration and wellbeing of students within the local community which is why I am standing to be your next VP Community: If elected, I will:
• Tackle housing crisis by working with agents and landlords to ensure students get affordable houses and are treated with all fairness and respect.
• Push further the rent guarantor scheme and lobby BU to stand as guarantor for all student.
• Create mental health spaces in BU accommodation so that students faced with mental health conditions can get quick support.
• Create further partnership with Small businesses in Bournemouth to improve job opportunities and create more placement opportunities that would make students more employable after their degree.
• Work with the community department to promote volunteering opportunities, raise more awareness about sustainability as well as lobby for more vegan options at the student shops in both campuses.
• Ensure student safety on nights out and promote the SUBU Safe Walk initiative.
• Work to make the housing fair bigger and better by getting more agents to attend so that students can have many options to choose from.
A vote for me is a vote for change. So please vote BIDAYMI #1 for VP Community. Your vote counts



Bradley Powell Manifesto

University is considered to be one of the best times of your life, and this is something every student should experience. Through electing me, I will create the change YOU want in order to have a phenomenal university experience.

I will:

• Introduce trained ‘fresher mentors’ – Students from the years above will be assigned to each student accommodation to offer peer support and guidance.
• A greater emphasis on mental health awareness and how to spot and tackle concerns available for all staff and students.
• Workshops that improve self-belief, public speaking ability, remaining calm under pressure, adapting to university life, resilience and well-being and any others students want.
• Raise awareness of the well-being services offered by BU to ensure every student knows there is support available.
• I will ensure mature students and students who are parents or carers have their voice heard, and will create events to increase the sense of community between EVERY student at BU.
• The launch of the Better Decisions Campaign, which supports students in peer pressured environments.

Furthermore, I will continue the great work that has been achieved so far. This includes increasing the awareness of liberation groups (LGBTQ+, BM and other minority ethnic groups, women, disabled) and university mental health day, to work towards equality for every student.

I have shown a commitment to improving students’ experience through working as a student rep during years 1 and 2, and a senior rep in year 3, I contributed to improving the quality of the lecture theatres. This puts me in a position to make the change YOU want. Furthermore, I am currently working with a team to develop the new student well-being service, a project funded by MIND. This has given me a valuable insight into the areas of student experience that need improvement.

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