Part Time Officer By-Elections and NUS Delegate Elections 2017

Part Time Officer By-Elections and  NUS Delegate Elections 2017




Want to drive change and make a difference, with ongoing training and support? Nominate yourself for one of SUBU’s 92 leadership positions, either as a Part-Time Officer on one of the 5 councils or Liberation Committee Member, on one of the 5 Liberation Campaigns. Download the full Information Pack to read all the information you need. 

Fill out this nomination online and make sure you submit it before 5pm on Friday 3rd November. Before completing, make sure that you have the Name, Course, Student ID Number and Year of Study of 2 people to support your nomination . These details must come from BU students and you must have their permission to put them down as a recommender for your nomination. A student cannot support more than one nomination.

As part of the online nomination, you must include a manifesto. This is 50 words convincing people to vote for you, setting out what you intend to do if you were elected. You may also want to include why you would be the best person for the job and any experience. Remember that you are making a promise to students, so make sure your plans are achievable.

You must attend the Candidate Briefing on Friday 3rd November where we will take your candidate photo. If you cannot attend for unavoidable reasons, please contact Shivani ( to make alternative photo arrangements. If we have no photo of you by 9am on 5th November, a black silhouette will be used in all promotional material. This is not ideal – so make sure you get in touch!

Then, the fun bit! You need to get elected. This will mean campaigning for votes across the student body and convincing people you are the best person for the job. This may sound daunting, but there will be optional guidance workshops to get you started, as well as support from SUBU. Voting is only open for 1 day, that is, Thursday 9th November. You have a budget of £20 for your campaign materials which we will reimburse with the provision of receipts.



What happens at NUS Conference?

(NUS) is the National Union of Students of which over 600 students’ unions across the UK are affiliated members. The NUS National Conference occurs in April every year with Bournemouth University sending 5 delegates which are worked out according to our student population. 

This year the NUS Conference will take place the Glasgow, Scotland between Tuesday 27th - 29 March 2018.

The conference discusses 5 topics related to students’ experiences at colleges and universities: Further Education policy, Higher Education policy, Society and Citizenship policy, Welfare policy, and Union Development policy. It is the chance for students’ unions to shape national policy and hold to account the national officers heading up each of these policy zones and the national president. Elections for these positions also happen at the conference and the above delegates will be voting members.

NUS ‘Fair Representation on NUS Conference' Policy

‘Fair Representation on NUS Conference delegations’ is a policy that was passed at National Conference 2014, changing NUS’ rules on the make-up of delegations to National Conference. The motion means that all delegations will have to have at least 50% self-defining women.

SUBU will send 5 delegates to conference of which the President is an automatic delegate. Since the current President identifies as male, at least 2 candidates of the delegation must identify as female. This means that there will be 2 reserved spaces (out of the 4 places up for election) for female delegates in the election process.


NOMINATIONS OPEN (ONLINE):  10am Monday 23rd October - 5pm Friday 3rd November

FIRST CANDIDATE BRIEFING (COMPULSORY): 6:30pm Friday 3rd November in Shelley L/T    

FINAL CANDIDATE BRIEFING (COMPULSORY): 6:30pm Tuesday 7th November in Lawrence L/T

VOTING OPENS (ONLINE FOR 1 DAY ONLY): 9am - 5pm Thursday 9th November

RESULTS: 7pm Friday 10th November   


Click below to nominate yourself for a Part Time Officer and NUS Delegate Elections -



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