Academic & Professional Societies

Academic and professional societies are formed by students who are united by participation in a particular degree program, or who share an interest in a particular subject.
If you are a BU student, enrolled on a BU course, then you have all the requirements needed to get involved in an academic or professional society, or to set up your own!

What an academic or professional society does depends on what you, the student members, want it to do. By joining or setting up an academic or professional society, you can attend and organise activities which you think will best enhance your university experience.



Advance your education and career prospects
in the direction that interests you most; whether you want to learn more about your subject, learn and practice technical skills, connect with academics or industry professionals, or get information on careers and placements. Academic and professional societies present opportunities to start building your future career.


Get access to opportunities
like the chance to attend externally organised competitions, and to apply for funding for your society's activities. Participating in an academic or professional society shows your dedication to your course and allows you to develop a proactive reputation. When course related opportunities arise, society members are amongst the first to be asked.


Socialise and have fun
with your course mates, and get to know more people who share your interests. Arrange parties, trips, sports matches, games nights, and more. University life isn't just about working hard, it's also about having a good time! Plus, if you set up your own society you can arrange socials and trips at times which fit best with your timetable and work schedule.


Find support and support others
who might be having difficulties on their course. By participating in an academic or professional society you are automatically connected with students who understand the demands of your degree program. Get together to discuss academic work and placements, swap useful information and offer advice.





Does your course already have an active A & P society? You can look through the list of active societies, and join up via the SUBU website.

Want to learn more about what you can do in an A & P society?
Follow the links to get ideas for academic activities and society socials.
Check out the SUBU Volunteering and Raising & Giving webpages to find out how you can help out in the community and raise money for charities as an A & P Society.


If your course doesn't currently have a society, register your interest here!


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