If your letting agent or landlord has not amended an issue you have already reported to them in writing you may be in a position to complain. If you feel there has been a breach of contract contact us for information on how best to proceed.


You can complain about a person or an organisation if:

  • they have done something wrong or badly;
  • they have not done something which they should have done;
  • they have treated you badly, for example, they have been rude.


Some examples of what you can complain about include:

  • repeatedly failed to carry out repairs;
  • carried out repairs badly;
  • been rude or abusive towards you;
  • harassed you;
  • discriminated against you because of your sex, your racial or ethnic background, your religion or beliefs, your sexual orientation, or because you are disabled;
  • failed to keep proper records (e.g. of your rent payments);
  • failed to deal with noise nuisance or antisocial behaviour;
  • failed to respond to your letters or provide information you have asked for;
  • caused unreasonable delays;
  • disclosed confidential information about you.


Making a complaint may not be the best way forward, for example:

  • serious injury or a large claim for money – you should get advice from a solicitor about bringing a claim for compensation;
  • serious crime, for example, a theft or violent assault - you should report it to the police;
  • things which are your responsibility;
  • trivial problems;
  • the amount of your rent;
  • A dispute that is already being dealt with by alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or by going to court.


Before you complain you will need to consider if you are at risk of eviction from doing so. We can check your contract and explain the potential consequences of submitting your complaint.

If you would like to submit a complaint you can do so either informally or formally. It is advisable to call the letting agent or landlord first to see if your issue can be resolved. If this informal approach doesn’t get the response you were looking for then you can formally complain in writing. If the letting agent/landlord has a complaints procedure in place then you will need to utilise this. If there is no such procedure or form for you to complete then you can use our template letter. SUBU Advice will check any letters before you send them, simply email them to us or bring it in to an Advice Worker.

Some of this information has been taken from Shelter's website. If you would like more information about complaints from this source click here.

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