Securing a paid placement can be difficult. If you have a low paid or even an unpaid placement its worth considering how you will pay your rent and feed yourself sooner rather than later. SUBU Advice is here to help ensure you are informed as to what funding you can apply for and can offer money management advice. The information in this page isn't intended for students completing and NHS course.


Tuition Fees

Students completing a sandwich year in 18-19 will be required to pay £790 tuition fee. You can use your usual method of funding to pay for this.


Living Costs

Students in receipt of funding from Student Finance England will also be eligible for a Reduced Rate Maintenance Loan. The maximum awards for 17-18 are:

  • Living with parents £1,915
  • In London and not with parents £3,585
  • Outside London and not with parents £2,553
  • Living and studying abroad for at least a term N/A

(18-19 rates not yet released)


Additional sources of funding

BU offers a Placement Opportunity Fund for some students completing a short-term placement or long-term placement (30 weeks). Yo can find all the information you need, including the eligibility criteria, about the Placement Opportunity Fund on the BU website. Please see our Hardship Funding page for more information on additional sources of funding.


There are also financial products, such as student overdrafts and credits cards, that you can make the most of. If you are unsure about how these products work or a worried about the ability to repay the money you borrow then contact us for advice. By budgeting your finances you may realise that you can afford to borrow, without getting in to financial difficulty.


If you can work part-time or in the holidays and save up some funds then this may help you during your placement. Doing paid work alongside your placement may also be of use to you, although we understand this may be easier said than done if your placement requires long working hours. If you have a birthday or Christmas coming up then you could ask for money to set aside for when you are on placement. You may also choose to seel any items that you no longer need or use, e.g. games console, clothes, old mobile phone etc...


Effective money management is an essential part of keeping on top of your finance and picking up on anu issues before they occur. Planning ahead can save you also of stress and you can then focus on completing your placement. Check our our Money Management page for information as to how SUBU Advice can help.


Our Advice Workers are fully qualified in accordance with the Money Advice Service requirements and we are authorised to offer Money Management via the Financial Conduct Authority. We are audited every two years by the Advice Quality Standards to ensure we provide a high quality service to you.


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