Hi, I'm Alex, your Vice President Education for 2017/18.

Feel free to come and speak to me in the SUBU office, or email me suvpeducation@bournemouth.ac.uk.


My plans and progress so far:

SUBU has responded to several government consultations including one asking about the economic and social impact of international students.

In December, I hosted Nicola Dandridge, CEO of the Office for Students. Find out more here.

I have worked with the university on a project to improve the Academic Advisor role.

As the attention on single-use plastic grows, SUBU have banned straws from the Old Fire Station and Dylan’s Bar.

This is a key aim of mine for all assignments that can be marked anonymously as it helps stop perceptions of unconscious bias. BU have said that the company behind Brightspace are working on a feature that will allow for complete anonymous marking. This is planned for implementation by September 2018.

Students have been asking for their lecturers to be recorded for years. BU now has an action plan to integrate video recorded lectures as the default, so that lecturers would have to opt-out rather than opt-in, and a target of 80% of learning spaces set up for recorded lectures by 2020. This is a positive step, particularly for students with additional learning needs.

Soon students will be able to use a free printer in SUBU. The service works by placing a small banner advert at the bottom of each page.

Working with the other VPs to increase the number of academic societies as they give students a platform outside of their course to support each other in their studies, meet new people and facilitate the development of transferrable skills.

Working with Charlie, VP Welfare, to see whether the university could offer more opportunities for students to learn an additional language.

We will look at other universities to see if they provide students with a set amount of printing credit. This will allow us to evaluate whether we will be able to lobby the university to do the same here.

I am working on a campaign to raise awareness around academic offences, particularly plagiarism, alongside SUBU advice. This is following a rise in these offences and BU staff claiming that students do not understand the seriousness of these offences.

I will support the work of the Black Students' Campaign and the Students of Colour campaign, along with any interested students, to reduce the attainment gap between BME and White students here at BU.

Run student workshops on life skills including financial management and communication skills.

Aim to have students involved in the recruitment process for teaching staff

Last updated: 14/02/2018


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