'You're Brilliant!' Awards FAQ


What are the “You’re Brilliant!” Awards?

The “You’re Brilliant!” Awards (YBA) are an instant recognition tool for students to identify staff members at Bournemouth University who they feel are brilliant and have had a positive impact on them.


Who can receive an award?

At SUBU we believe that you as students know best about who is brilliant and why; we do not have any categories for the award recipients and everyone put forward by a student will receive an award.  There is no vetting process and no nomination panel with staff nor students choosing who receives an award and who does not.  You can recognise any staff member, whether that is a lecturer, a bus driver or someone who serves you coffee, we just need to know who and why.  That way we can ensure the staff member gets the recognition for their fantastic work, regardless of their job title.


How do I go about recognising someone?

Recognising someone couldn’t be simpler! You can fill out our form online (click HERE to access it) or you can fill out a paper form and post it in one of our purple post boxes that can be found on the first floor of the Student Centre, Talbot Campus, or in the BOHO Lounge in Bournemouth House, Lansdowne Campus.


How does the staff member I chose to recognise receive their award and what do they get?

Every staff member receives a certificate stating exactly why they are brilliant (this will be whatever you said in your recognition form) and a mug on their first award of the academic year (some staff members receive several awards throughout the year!) When you fill out the form we will ask you how you would like this award to be delivered – either by you or by the YBA Team and then we will make arrangements to get that award to them. If you stated that you wanted to deliver the award yourself then we will contact you when it is ready to collect. If you wanted one our team members to deliver it then we will ask you where and when we can do this and try to surprise the recipient when they least expect it.


When can I recognise someone?

Whenever you want! The “You’re Brilliant!” Awards are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who do I speak to if I have a query regarding the "You're Brilliant!" Awards?
If you have any questions regarding the "You're Brilliant!" Awards get in touch with Emma Pringle - epringle@bournemouth.ac.uk or pop into the Student Centre and visit the Reps Team on the first floor.




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