How Do I save Energy in Halls?

Get involved with the Student Switch off competition! An energy-saving competition between the Bournemouth University and Arts University College Bournemouth with the best hall winning Ben & Jerry's!

You can get involved by taking quizzes, uploading pictures into the selfie competition and more importantly Saving energy in halls!


More information here


What can I do if I see wasted energy on campus?

If you see wasted energy on campus, then snap a picture of it and upload it to this website! NUS can then lobby the university to get this changed! More information here!


3 Tips to Reduce your Waste!

1. Think before you shop

When shopping, think if you could buy the same product without the packaging, or buy something second hand.

2. Avoid food waste

Plan meals in advance and only buy what you know you will use. (A great way of saving money too!)

3. Redecorating?

Contact your local Furniture Re-use Network. Or advertise your old furniture in your local paper or on websites such as Freecycle. 

SUBU tries to reduce the amount of waste which is produced on campus, reuse as much material and equipment as possible, AND all waste created in SUBU buildings is recycled - SUBU is a zero landfill organisation. 


How Many Earths do you need? 

Did you know…

if everyone in the world lived the same lifestyle as we do in the UK then it is estimated we would need 3.5 earths to be sustainable - the world average is currently 1.5 earths. This means it takes us one year and a half to produce what we use in a year.

Find out how many earths would be used if everyone lived your lifestyle here!


Three ways to reduce your impact:

1. Reducing the amount of meat (especially beef) you eat

2. Eat locally produced food

3. Try to Recycle and Compost waste as much as possible


SUBU tries to be as sustainable as possible - there are compost bins around the SUBU building, we encourage the use of reusable water bottles rather than buying plastic bottles of water, and we support the university's Travel Plan which promotes the use of public transport over car usage - For more information here.




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