Bournemouth RAG is entirely student led, and you can get in touch with the team at any point throughout the year if you have any questions, or just want to get involved in their various fundraising projects. 



Chair: Mayumbo Kasweshi

The role of Chair is an elected role and is there to support the co-ordinators and provide the student body with information about the projects and events RAG are running, as well as represent RAG on the Activities Council.
Mayumbo has been involved with RAG previously holding the post of Media and Communications Co-ordinator.

Email Muyambo:



  Community Events Co-ordinator: Alex Cazacu

  I'm Alex and my role is to organise community events within the University   and the local community.

  Email Alex:




  External Campaigns Co-ordinator: Naomi Richards

 I'm Naomi and my role is to organise and support all national campaigns  like Children in Need and Movember!
 If you need any help with organising your fundraising, I’m here to help!

  Email Naomi




  Hitch Co-ordinator: Vanita Patel

  I'm Vanita and my role is to organise the legendary hitchhiking events    LEGGIT and LOST!

  Email Vanita





  Lansdowne Co-ordinator: Katie Porter

 I'm Katie and my role is to make sure we’re bringing relevant and  accessible fundraising opportunities to Lansdowne students!

  Email Katie





  Media and Communications Co-ordinator: Katrin Mahfuz

 I'm Katrin and I am responsible for keeping you guys up to date on our  social media pages about everything RAG up to.

  Email Katrin:





  Overseas Co-ordinator (The Gorilla Trek and Fire and Ice Challenge):  Emma Reynolds

  I’m Emma and my role is to promote two of our overseas challenges, The  Gorilla Trek and The Fire and Ice Challenge. 
  I support student fundraisers before, during, and after an overseas  adventure.

  I’ve already completed The Gorilla Trek and am here to answer any   questions you have!

  Email Emma



 Overseas Co-ordinator (Kilimanjaro & Machu Picchu): Liam Baldock

 I'm Liam and I am responsible for two of our overseas trips, Climb Mt  Kilimanjaro and The Machu Picchu Trek.  

 I support student fundraisers before, during, and after an overseas  adventure.

 I have already climbed mount Kilimanjaro and I am the Challenge Leader  for the Machu Picchu Trek this year so really can answer any questions  you may have!
 Email Liam:



RAG Reps Co-ordinator: It Could BU!

The RAG Reps Co-ordinator role is to look after one of RAG's greatest assets, our reps! Responsible for the training and social side of RAG!

 Interested to take on the role? Email us!
 Interested in becoming a Rep?? Join our Facebook Group and we'll be in touch for training!





  VP Activities: Brooke Elias

 My name’s Brooke, and I support everything that RAG does, as their  elected officer.

 Email Brooke:






  Activities Administrator: Josh Davis

I support the RAG Leaders with the organisation of events, and do whatever else they need me to do!

 Email Josh:






  Activities Development Manager: Emma Smith

 My main role in RAG is to ensure we are operating to the highest standards particularly with our overseas provision.
 We have built a robust and stringent due diligence process here at  Bournemouth, ensuring all our challenges are ethical, safe and accessible to all.

 Emma won the NaSFA National SU Staff Member of the Year Award  2016

 Email Emma:

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